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Drian Von Golden Pechakucha Tokyo

Drian Von Golden 'Your Confidence Catalyser' !


'Be Your Best You'!

Drian Von Golden

Communication Catalyst  

Hello from Drian Von Golden. 'I'm your Communication Coach! Twenty years experience of catalysing confident communication in professional speakers. You will build your connection skill through my step by step training. As a trained actor, business consultant and champion public speaker you know you will get the results you desire, not only faster but with methods that will remove the barriers currently limiting you from your awe inspiring potential as a speaker with a unique voice that needs to be and will be heard.

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About Drian

Passionate Coaching Professional

Born in Australia, Drian Von Golden graduated from Bel Canto College in London. He also has continued to attend Intensive Courses at The National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Australia since 1979. 
Drian has been connected with the ISL English Speech program since it’s inception and has coached many of the winners at APU.

Drian attributes his skill through is three different disciplines that rarely coexist in one person.

He has been a Freelance Business Communication Consultant, Actor-Comedian, Writer and Public Speaker Presentation Coach  for numerous Japanese Corporations, N.P.Os and Charities for over 20 years. 

Running Seminars and Workshops in Creative Thinking, Confidence Building, Assertive Communication, Power Presentations, Charismatic Connections and Cultural Awareness for Executive Transfers Abroad.

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Mind, Movement & Message


Blast Past Catalyser is International Communication on Steroids. Using a series of successive steps complex communication can be practiced and internalised rapidly and effectively. At times the training will give you the sense you are playing and enjoying communication, relaxed and confident. The training achieves rapid speaking improvement through tapping into language skills that have been learnt right back in childhood days. The training will inspire you to take your skill straight into business and grow your communication along with your business success.

N.L.P. Based Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

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“The one priceless gift you never lose, communication”

Drian Von Golden

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